Top 3 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Overlook Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

Everyone certainly dreams of having a lovely smile with the teeth they were born with. However, not every person is blessed with aligned teeth, which in turn makes their smile look flavorless.

Therefore, people who have misaligned teeth surely require Orthodontic treatment to correct their dental problems.

Orthodontics is one branch of dentistry focusing entirely on the overall appearance of the patient’s teeth, correcting and treating individuals with misaligned jaws or teeth.

Nowadays, there are a number of children and teens who are struggling with their dental problems, which have an impact on the way they look.

For this reason, children and teens need orthodontic screening to be done at an early to avoid many dental problems in long run.

Orthodontic screening for children ideally has been done since the age of 7 years. So that they will witness their healthy teeth, having harmonious jaws which improve the way their teeth look in long run.

In addition, there are several reasons that you should not overlook orthodontic care for children and teens.

1. Improves Overall Health

Research indicates there are several diseases that are very closely related to poor oral health. Some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and other diseases occur as a result of dental and gum disease.

Of course, this will not happen to your children at the moment, but in the long run and without orthodontic treatment at early age, your grown children will have to deal with the diseases.

2. Improves Oral Health

Crooked or misaligned teeth have a huge impact on dental health, oral hygiene and may result in tooth loss and gum disease on your children in long run.

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Without proper dental hygiene, food is more easily caught between crooked teeth which ultimately results in tooth abscesses. In addition, they also have difficulty in getting toothbrushes between the narrow spaces in the mouth.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to ensure the dental health of your children when they live in the nest.

3. Get More Self-Confidence

Straight and healthy teeth are the beginning of a charming smile. A healthy smile will make them more confident when they start a new chapter in their lives.

Aligned teeth and harmonious jaws will increase your children’s self-confidence. Good self-confidence will encourage positive feelings in your kids, and help them to pursue their dreams in the future.

What could be a better gift than that?

More Orthodontic Treatment Available

Nowadays, your children and teens can choose their favorite orthodontic treatment, since there are many choices available these days which also affordable for you. Some of them are traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces and Invisalign® aligners.

Among all those teeth aligners, Invisalign gets more attention from children and teens. The reason is that Invisalign braces are invisible and feel comfortable when they stay between their teeth, yet they works effectively in straightening crooked teeth. In addition, they are also easy to care of.

The creative mind behind Invisalign really understands how difficult it is for teens or children for wearing traditional metal braces throughout the day. No kid wants to wear those metal braces if they don’t have to.

Therefore, by choosing Invisalign or clear braces, they may still have self-confident without any fear of other people realizing that she/he is in dental treatment course.

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In addition, Invisalign usage may not encourage any hassles, because they are comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

Many teens love Invisalign for these reasons, however, some parents are hit by worries whether they work as effectively as traditional metal braces.

Fortunately there is an “Invisalign Teens Guarantee” program that offers the opportunity to replace Invisalign with traditional braces in case of teens in their parents not satisfied with the results of Invisalign.

This program will surely boost the confidence of parents and their teens about the effectiveness of Invisalign in correcting misaligned teeth.

Why Choose Invisalign

When it comes to crooked teeth, we all want to have an effective treatment to readjust the misaligned teeth.

In this case, Invisalign aligners can be the newest option for those who want comfortable and effectiveness in single push.

Invisalign works effectively just like traditional metal braces in solving teeth alignment problems. Even more, individual who have malocclusion in which it is known as a serious conditions can be treated with Invisalign easily.

Therefore if your kid is struggling with underbite or overbite, gaped teeth and overcrowded teeth, you can consider applying Invisalign as your child’s dental treatment course with no further worry.

Applying Invisalign means that we are taking a number of benefits over our misaligned teeth. For starters, your kids will obviously feel excited to know that he/she will wear clear braces, because they will be far less noticeable than traditional braces.

Therefore most people will unlikely be aware of if she/he is wearing them. On top of that, they don’t have to worry about food getting stuck between their teeth.

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The added benefit of wearing clear braces such as invisalign is they are easily to be removed. Thus, if your kids want to brush their teeth, eating or drinking, they simply take them off during the activities and putting them back when it’s done.

However, it is required at least 20 to 22 hours a day for your kids to wear their aligners, otherwise they will lose their effectiveness in readjust the misaligned teeth issues.

In addition, in case you need a gentler approach for an orthodontic treatment, then invisalign is the only reason to go for a dental treatment course.

The reason is, invisalign does not involve any cable or metal to make it work effectively. As a result, your kids will be avoided by the side effects of orthodontic treatment, such as irritation, cavities and other dental problems that ultimately cause discomfort.

Either invisalign or traditional braces, both of them can straighten the smile of your children or teens.

Early dental care can keep them away from the possibility of more severe tooth decay. So give your kids the best chance to live a healthy life by giving them a gift of a healthy smile.

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