Power Chain for Dental Braces – Closing the Gaps between Your Teeth

Braces are designed from many interconnected parts, resulting in the significant force necessary for correcting teeth in their proper position. Nowadays, many experts are always innovating in creating the latest models for improving the efficiency of braces.

One essential part of one set of braces is the ligatures. The ligature is simply a small rubber that holds the archwire inside the slots of brackets. There are two types of ligatures which commonly known in orthodontic treatment; single elastic ligatures and connected elastic ligatures.

The connected ligatures or better known as “Power Chain” or power chain braces, which we will discuss further in this article, certainly has a specific purpose. But it is not much different from single elastic ligatures in terms of the teeth alignment jobs.

The color of the braces are usually come from these ligatures, either power chain braces or single elastics.

Thus, kids are often so passionate about braces due to various colors of ligatures that certainly will make them look different in many ways. However, what is exactly the function of ligatures or power chain braces?

What are Power Chain Braces?

The power chain brace is a bunch of elastic ligatures of O-shaped that are linked together. Made of an elastic material the same type of single elastic ligatures and shape the band between teeth continuous.

The brace work is to sort out the issues related to the dental terms like misaligned teeth, crooked teeth and gaps which come in between the teeth. Here the power chain is used together or alone with a ligature.

Most of the orthodontists recommended the dental braces because it applies the exact force to position the teeth in the right alignment. Besides, it’s working it only takes a small period.

Either the ligatures or power chain can be used on one occasion, yet still must be appropriate to the case attempting to be accomplished, following the direction of the orthodontist. Thus, some orthodontists will suggest ligatures, while others decide to apply the power chain instead of ligatures.

Why would You Need Braces Power Chain?

In a specific case, there might be a gap between teeth that require further treatment and adjunct that bring teeth closer to each other faster than others. Thus, here comes the braces power chain, as the main purpose of using the power chain is to close the unsightly gap between the teeth.

Most of the people may lose their confidence because of the improper teeth like gaps between teeth. In addition, it may also affect many other problems like an injury to the gums at the time of chewing the hard food.

Similarly, the hard food may also force the gap which gets wider to some extent. The accretion of the food might remain in your teeth gap which is a real risk for your teeth; which may lead to periodontal disease.

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The power chain braces not only helps in closing that gap but with that, they also straighten the crooked teeth. Besides, it also improves the bite abnormalities and improves the healthy teeth growth.

Power Chain Braces Before and After

In order to obtain a more powerful impact, it can also be used with the brackets, arch wire and with hooks. People whose teeth are crooked one use this power chain braces after the closure stage; this is a stage which comes after the option of teeth alignment.

It means that the orthodontist does not put on the power chain instantly, once he/she finished for placing braces on the teeth of the patient.

The orthodontist will move the teeth gradually with the aid of various archwires, and when the teeth are ready, the power chain will be inserted when it found necessary.

There is a possibility that the power chain power is inserted from one bicuspid to one lateral, from one molar to the opposite molar.

On some occasions, the power chain may run from canine to canine, and when this happens, the orthodontist will empower a steal tie to prevent the teeth from rotating due to the force of the power chain.

braces power chain

Braces power chain

Different Types of Braces Power Chain

Power chain braces are available in different color and shape. Some of them are available in the red, blue, black, silver, smoke and many more colors.

However, the best possible colors that may fit your teeth are “silver” and “smoke” based on many observations and tests. You may also find that blue or light blue colors are suited to your style, but when you brush your teeth, they may fade down after sometimes.

The possibility of braces that are going to stay on your teeth is for long period of time, thus your orthodontist may allow you to choose the color which suits your preference and lifestyle.

Power chains present in different types, some of the chains are available in close together which described like a form of: 0000000, while others involve several spaces between them just like a form of: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 or 0–0–0–0–0—0.

The choice of using one of the structures of this power chain depends on the shape and size of your teeth. Hence, let your orthodontist determine which power chain is most appropriate for your needs.

Talking about the general shapes which are commonly picked by the people is the “C” and “O” forms. The doctor will help you in choosing the brace shape or structure that has the nature of solving the dental problems of yours. An only colors choice is there in your hand and else work looked by the doctor.

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There you can’t select the brace for your teeth because you don’t know which one is designed for your teeth and help you in positioning your jaw and teeth correctly.

In most cases, the orthodontists use to choose the O-shaped braces for the young people whereas C-shaped one for the seniors or adults. For this reason, it’s better to consult with the orthodontist instead of being your own dentist.

Do Braces Power Chain Hurt?

The most common question that patients might ask about the power chain is whether they cause a toothache or any uncomfortable? Just like any other braces, by the time the patients wore them, surely they may lead to any pain, toothache, and discomfort for the first few days, as the chains is trying to close gaps and pull your teeth together.

However, in many cases, the power chain is fitted several months after the use of braces. Therefore, you just need a little time (maybe within a week at the most) so that the pain and discomfort subside gradually.

During the healing period as a result of any pain and discomfort, it is highly advisable to consume soft food as a precaution, and you can have whatever you desire by the time the pain is disappear.

Tips to Relieve Pain of Power Chain

If you feel that having unbearable pain and any discomfort for a certain time, you can take some precautions to alleviate your condition.

  • Take some painkillers
  • Consulting with your doctor before deciding to use painkillers is advisable. If possible, the doctor will prescribe painkillers like “Ibuprofen”, based on the case you are dealing with.

  • Take some frozen or cold foods
  • Cold or frozen foods can reduce the symptoms of swelling, as well as reduce any pain and discomfort. Because of cold foods numb the gums and other areas of the mouth.

  • Massage your gums
  • Massage your gums gently to relieve swelling of the gums. Use your fingers for massaging and make sure your fingers do not interfere with braces while massaging the gums.

  • Salt water rinsing
  • Salt water helps the sores healing process as a result of braces. Simply take a glass of warm salt water and rinse it regularly.

  • Put some orthodontist wax
  • Applying orthodontic wax can prevent braces from rubbing off your lips and cheeks from the inside. In addition, the wax also prevents irritation to occur as a result of friction between braces and lips.

Taking Care of Your Power Chain Braces

Taking care of braces during orthodontic treatment is essential to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, your responsibilities are needed regardless of your dentist. Practicing good oral hygiene is the first step you need to take.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes for each brush. Tooth brushing is an important step to eliminate the buildup of food debris and prevent plaque formation. In addition, it also eliminates food debris that potentially stains your braces.

If you have a high activity such as perform a kind of sports, it is advisable for wearing a mouth guard that is useful in providing braces protection during the game. Tell your dentist about your sports activities, and your dentist will suggest the best mouth guards that fit for your style.

Regardless of brushing your teeth, there is still another way to clean up the food debris that trapped between the teeth. Simply use dental floss specially designed for people with braces and floss each tooth and between the brackets.

Time Taken for Power Chain Braces to Close a Gap

Once you have your power chain, the orthodontist will set an appointment scheduled to perform an evaluation of your dental care progress. The gap between the teeth will close within a certain period of time.

Everyone is different, some are experiencing significant changes in a few weeks, but for others, it takes at least 6 months or more to notice the result. During the visit time, the orthodontist can measure the width of the gap (millimeters) and replace the power chain whenever necessary, as the power chain may lose their strength during the treatment time.

Once you achieve the treatment goal, the orthodontist will ascertain to remove your power chain and you will be surprised to find out that the power chain really works.

Who should Wear Power Chain Braces?

There are no age restrictions for those who need the braces power chain. It means that every person with crooked teeth or unsightly gaps between teeth is highly recommended to start applying power chains according to orthodontist guidance.

The orthodontist may suggest the use of O-shaped power chain to deal with teeth problems of kids and teens, whilst for adults use the C-shaped power chain is appropriate for correcting their dental issues.

Final words:

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their dental health. Dental issues such as crooked teeth, misaligned teeth and gaps between teeth can affect their physical appearance, besides they also can lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, they need a specific orthodontic appliance to correct their dental issues.
Take the power chain braces that fit your lifestyle, choose colors that reflect your personality but do not reduce your ability to take care of your braces for the rest of your treatment. You have the freedom of choosing the color of your braces, but the rest must go in accordance with your orthodontist.

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