How to Choose the Best Color for Your Braces

Braces have become part of your appearance today, like it or not, they work hard for aligning your crooked teeth, so you will have straight teeth as part of either aesthetics or dental health. The use of braces just as much a part of what you wear every day, they’re just like the clothes you wear, your favorite glasses, your shoes etc.

You certainly always think about what accessories you deserve to wear, so they fit your style. Likewise with braces, you certainly want the appearance of braces that fit your current style. You want a color that suits your style.

You will have the opportunity to choose the color of braces, when your orthodontist attaches the braces along with rubber bands. Then how do you choose the right one?

How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Braces

Most orthodontist allows you to choose rubber bands from dozens of colors available, and that might be confusing you at the moment.

Therefore, you need to know which color you want to choose for the braces in the first place, before the color options are given, which will make the adjustment run smoothly. Here’s how to pick the right colors of rubber bands.

1. Ask your Doctor to Present the Colors

Basically, you might not get your favorite color, because of the limitations of the office. Therefore, asking for a series of color samples is the best choice for taking what is right for you.

You can see wheels or color samples, make split-second decisions, asking more color samples, so you have a better idea about color selection in the future.

What you need to aware of is, there are times when your dentist stretches the rubber band over the braces, you may notice that the colors shown are slightly brighter than those printed on the sample, don’t worry they are normal.

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2. Think About Special Events or Upcoming Holidays

Any special events or upcoming holidays are good considerations for exploring ideas about color selection for your braces.

For instance, if you want to celebrate the upcoming the Fourth of July, you may consider choosing a red, white or blue for the color of braces.

You can also choose orange or black as a dark theme, when Halloween is the next major holiday. So simply by looking at the upcoming holiday themes, then you are ready to go.

In addition, if you like sports and plan to attend sport events, the color of your school team can be another great option for choosing the color of your braces.

For most people, adjusting braces is usually done every six weeks, so if you choose one color for braces, you need to consider whether they can run smoothly for the next six weeks.

3. Consider about Your Skin Tone for Braces Colors

The color palette describes your personality, as it is taken from every season. Pink and baby blues may be the considerable choice if you are a spring. For those who are an autumn, they can go for oranges, yellows or reds colors.

While for those with darker skin tones or hair, they might able to pick up certain jewel colors such as purple, dark blue, emerald, and pine.

On the other hand, for those with lighter skin tones, they usually look more attractive with bright colors. Always think that the rubber bands attached to your teeth will be part of your daily style, so you better choose something which can go along with your style, instead of working against it.

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4. Think About the Clothes you Wear

Always have a thought that once you choose the color for braces, you should consider that it should be running for six months prior changing the colors.

So the final choice is to avoid colors that might clash with the color of the clothes you wear every day. For example, if red and orange are your favorites in dressing, then you should avoid green color for your braces.

You might also be able to check your wardrobe, look at the clothes you wear frequently. It will be difficult when you often wear varied clothes. In this case, the best choice is a clear or white band.

Some more neutral colors like blue or black might be another option which could suit with everything you would wear.

5. Rule Out the Colors You Don’t Want to Wear

There are several colors that might make the person you are talking to look at your teeth, one of them is green. Green will always make you look like you have lettuce trapped in your teeth, so some people are not comfortable with this condition.

You might also choose white bands, in case you aren’t sure about your choice. But again, white bands in fact can make your teeth look yellow.

Thus, get rid of all the colors that you don’t think you will choose, even though they are your favorite colors, because they might not look good in your teeth in the future. You might also be able to ask your orthodontist for any advice, and have a look at some patient samples for reference.

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6. Darker Colors Can Lead to Your Teeth Look Whiter

Consider choosing a darker color. Blue or purple color, is a good option when it comes to color for braces. Darker colors make it possible to make your teeth look whiter than before.

7. Consult with Your Orthodontist

Consult with your orthodontist is another option for those of you who have difficulty in determining the color of braces.

Ask about popular colors recently to your dentist, and they will be happy to pick one for you. Of course your doctor will consider the clothes you are wearing or the school you attend.

8. Change Your Braces Colors at Each Visit

Most of your dental care will last for around eighteen months. This will give you plenty of freedom to find the right color for your style.

If you are not sure about your choice, you may try all the color options that your doctor has. So don’t be afraid to change the color every time you make adjustments to your braces.

Final words:

You only need to make a small commitment when choosing the color of your braces. Meaning that you just need to wear them for a few weeks before you swapped them out at the next orthodontist appointment.
Another important thing is that, apart from matte colors, you might also consider metallic colors that allow you to add a little bling to your teeth.

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