Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces – Which is the Right One for You, Based on Reviews, Cost and Benefits?

When it comes to straightening your teeth, you have plenty of options to choose from. Braces are undoubtedly the most common option. However, even within the braces, you have many choices. Two of the most common type of braces used for teeth alignment is the Ceramic and the metal braces.

Both of them have their own set of pros and cons. However, unless you have a good understanding of the working of each one of them, it can be difficult to come upon an ideal choice.

The article will make some reviews and compare these two types of braces depending on various aspects so that it becomes easier for you to make an appropriate selection.

How Noticeable do you Want Your Braces to be?

Metal braces are easily noticeable whenever you smile or talk. Therefore, they are not a very good option for people who may feel self-conscious with their braces on.

Moreover, sometimes you have more important functions to attend such as weddings or interviews.

If you feel that wearing metal braces is going to affect your confidence, it is best to go for a more convenient alternative.

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces (including “clear braces” or “white”) are another form of the traditional orthodontic appliance, with the exception that they have the different type of brackets, known with tooth-colored (white) or clear brackets, instead of metal ones.

Ceramic braces on the other hand are less noticeable as compared to the traditional braces and are often used as a replacement for the metal braces due to the same reason.

The ceramic braces are made out of porcelain or ceramic and in some cases even plastic. The braces are either transparent or the exact color of the teeth as per the preference of the wearer.

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These braces are meant to blend with the teeth so that they are not easily noticed. They blend much better as compared to the metal braces. People with lighter colored teeth are able to carry the transparent brackets with much ease.

However, those with darker colored teeth are best recommended to wear colored brackets. It should be noted that ceramic braces use ceramic only for the bracket. The main wire that holds together the brackets may be made out of metal.

However, some of the ceramic braces also use transparent wires to make them less inconspicuous.

What are Clear Braces?

Clear braces or often referred to as Sapphire braces are another type of ceramic braces, designed for people with white teeth, as this type of braces blend in and disappear when affixed to the surface of the teeth.

This type of braces uses brackets with high transparency level; therefore the arrangement of your teeth will be seen more clearly than with whitish or tooth-colored shade.

Clear braces not easily stained and having strong in design, but the ligatures are slightly susceptible to stains due to coffee, smoking or colored drinks like red wine.

The term of “clear braces” is obviously often used to refer to Invisalign®, which obviously has a different process than braces in general.

Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces Durability

Metal braces are quite well known for their strength and durability. Although the ceramic braces are not particularly fragile, they are made out of an entirely different material and therefore not as strong as the metal braces.

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The ceramic braces are prone to chipping and cracking, especially if worn by people who are physically very active.

Therefore, people who are frequently getting involved in sports or other activities that require contact to be made with the mouth and jaws, it is advisable to go for the metal braces unless you are willing to bear the cost of extensive repairs on a frequent basis.

Ceramic Braces vs Metal Braces Price

Despite being more fragile, ceramic braces are much more expensive as compared to the metal braces.

However, if you already have dental insurance, the cost should not be a very big deal. Even then, it is best to check out the total cost beforehand so that you may be able to make a better decision before going in for the treatment.

Sensitiveness of the Mouth

Many people complain of the ceramic using the ceramic braces irritating the inner lining of the mouth, especially the portion behind the lips.

This is mainly because the ceramic braces use bigger brackets as compared to the other metal ones. The irritation could also be due to the interaction of the constituents of the ceramic with the mouth.

Although not all people experience discomfort with ceramic braces, if you have a sensitive mouth, it is best to be prudent and go for metal braces instead.

Amount of Alignment Needed

As can be evident from the materials used in the construction, metal braces can take a lot more pressure as compared to the ceramic braces.

Therefore, they are more suited for more extensive teeth alignment procedures. Ceramic braces are only able to take a moderate amount of pressure and are commonly used for slight adjustments.

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They are not suitable for severe corrections. Therefore, although they do have their differences, both these braces work perfectly well in their respective areas of use.

It should also be noted that although ceramic braces don’t stain so easily, yet they still slightly prone to staining due to certain drinks. Therefore, people who frequently consume tea, wine, coffee, etc. may want to consider this before choosing their braces.

Should I Get Ceramic or Metal Braces?

When discussing the effectiveness of these two types of braces, you may not find any significant difference between these two of orthodontic appliances.

It means that both braces have the same effect and result in straightening the teeth. The only difference is that the price of ceramics is higher than that of traditional metal braces. In addition, ceramic braces are not as strong as metal braces.

Sometimes, the edges of ceramic braces can be chipped or broken. If you do not care about the appearance of metal brackets, then you may go for it. Instead, the ceramic ones also should be fine.

Final words:

The best possibility is to listen to the advice of your dentist, which he will look for the best combination of the severity of crooked teeth, financial condition, and your own preferences.
Nowadays, either adults, teenagers, and children can opt for ceramic braces as another alternative to correct their bites and misalignment teeth without being seen by others.

For that, there needs to be an early recognition of what you really need based on many factors. Most importantly, straight bite and teeth promote a significant effect on your overall health.

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