How Much do Braces Cost? – the Average Prices you Should Know

A beautiful smile has the power to achieve many things, and the most important thing for a beautiful smile is perfect teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned teeth. For those unlucky people, there is a boon called dental brace.

However, an important question that comes to, the mind after planning to get them is that how much do braces cost? This article will provide you with all the answers to the cost of braces.

Before going to the cost part, it is first important to know that under what condition does one need to get braces.

What is the Need for Braces?

Braces are used to straighten and align the teeth. It is also used to correct other teeth and jaw flaws like cross bites, under bites, overbites, deep bites, open bites, and malocclusions.

So, if one has any of the following problems they will most probably need braces. Generally, braces are fixed at the age of 9-14 years but, interestingly, nowadays many adults are also getting braces to fix their teeth.

How Much does it Cost?

After knowing about the need for braces the next thing that comes to the mind is how much do braces cost?

The cost of braces depends on basically four factors out of which the type of braces that is used is the most important one.

Following is a detailed description of the factors that will determine the cost of the braces.

1. Category of Braces

The main factor that determines the cost of braces is the type of brace that is used for the patient. A variety of braces are nowadays available from which one can choose.

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The type of braces that is used depends not only on the will of the patient but also on the condition of teeth. The different types of braces that can be used are as follows:

Metal or Traditional Braces

Metal or traditional braces are the most ancient form of braces, and they have been in use for a long time.

These braces are made of metal wires and elastic rubber ties which holds the wire in place. These braces are the most common and popular and are very cost effective as well.

But, at the same time, the teeth may appear discolored if they are not taken cleanly properly while the braces are there.

Since there is a very little mechanism involved in these braces the average cost of metal braces is somewhere between $4500 to $5000 without medical insurance.

Ceramic or Clear Braces

The ceramic or clear braces work almost in a similar manner as metal braces, but instead, these are made of ceramic materials, which make them less visible.

One problem with clear braces is that these are very prone to friction and often it breaks. This can, in turn, make the process of removing a long and painful process.

The process of fitting and the way these braces work are all similar to metal braces.

As the ceramic material is costlier than the metal wire, these braces are slightly more costly than metal braces, and the average cost is around $5000 to $5500 without insurance.

Invisible or Invisalign Braces

Invisible or Invisalign braces are fairly new in the market when compared to metal or ceramic braces.

These braces are quite advanced, and everything from their structure to the process of fitting them along with the way they work is thoroughly different from metal or ceramic braces.

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Instead of wires, invisible braces consist of custom-fit trays which are invisible as well as removable for the correction of the teeth.

During the process, a number of trays are used. The problem with the invisible braces is that it can only be used when there are minor alignment issues. These are also not perfect for correcting bite issues.

Although it has been on the market for a long enough time to compete with the prices of metal or ceramic braces still, the advanced technology and materials used to manufacture this make it much costlier. The cost of installing invisible or Invisalign braces can go as high as $8500 without insurance.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are just a form of traditional braces, but instead of the front, the lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth, i.e., the lingual surface of the mouth.

These braces can cause discomfort while talking and eating as they come in the way of the tongue.

The period taken by these braces to work is much longer, and most importantly it can be installed by an only highly skilled orthodontist as the process is quite complicated.

Lingual braces are the most costly ones, and the cost of getting these braces can go up to $13000 and higher.

2. Time Taken to Complete the Process

Another factor that determines the cost of getting braces is the time taken to complete the whole process.

Some issues take longer time and as a result obviously become costlier. On an average, it takes two to two and a half years to complete the process.

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3. Other Dental Issues

Fitting of braces is often preceded by other processes like filling replacement, deep cleaning or tooth extraction.

Also in many cases, after the braces are removed one needs to use a retainer. All these processes add up to the cost and whether one will need to go through these processes or not vary from person to person.

4. Dentist

The charge of the orthodontist differs a lot. Highly experienced orthodontist often charges much more than a less experienced orthodontist.

There is no fixed charge for the services the orthodontist will provide. So which orthodontist you choose can make your cost go higher or lower.

Mode of Payment

In general, health plans do not pay for dental issues for people older than eighteen years. Orthodontic coverage can also be bought separately if your existing health plan does not include it.

Most of the plans cover fifty percent of the cost but, it is better to ask about it beforehand. Also, it is important to be in the same health plan throughout the process of getting braces.

Final words:

In most cases, braces are medically necessary, and you have no way but to go for it.

It is important to know about the process and also get to know how much do braces cost. Also, the cost of getting braces can also be avoided if proper check-ups are done regularly.

In any case, always choose the orthodontist carefully and be sure to discuss every question that comes to your mind with your doctor.

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