What’s the Difference of Attractive Smile vs. Aesthetic Smile and the Secrets Behind Them

Having a beautiful smile is everyone’s dream because it is one of the most valuable aspects of a person’s overall appearance. In addition, a beautiful smile means that you have a perfect set of teeth that surely can aid intensify your self-confidence.

However, if you have dental problems such as discolored, disfigured or crooked teeth, you need specific dental procedures to help establish your perfect smile. In a quest for beauty and eternal youth of a smile, Cosmetic Dentistry emerges to the forefront.

Cosmetic dentistry is known as one term that describes a variety of dental procedures. Nowadays, many people choose to take various methods of cosmetic dentistry to achieve a perfect smile, as cosmetic dentistry concentrates more on improving appearance, rather than on the function of gums, teeth, and bites in common.

When dealing with cosmetic dentistry, sometimes we might come up with some information related to the smile aesthetics, yet sometimes it also related to the attractiveness of a smile on another time.

The terms of the aesthetic of a smile and the attractiveness of a smile are sometimes used interchangeably. However, are these two terms interchangeable?

The possible answer is that these two terms are not exactly identical, thus understanding the differences between these two terms can help you identify the limits of cosmetic dentistry (what can and can’t be done) to achieve the best results from your dental treatment course.

Knowing about Smile Aesthetics

Simply put, the smile aesthetics describes the distinct characteristics of your smile that can be objectively assessed either by pictures or other means which influence the appearance of the smile. There are several characteristics that most people know in dentistry.

They affect the overall appearance of the smile. Technically, these characteristics become a reference to understand the appearance of the current smile and the smile appearance that a person desires.

There are at least 10 characteristics that affect a person’s smile aesthetic, some of them are;

Color of Tooth

Human teeth are identical with whiteness, whilst the dark or even stained teeth clearly affect the appearance of teeth. The color of teeth is the concern of most people about the appearance of their smile.

Not surprisingly, most people want to have whiter teeth, either by natural means or by the method of teeth whitening offered by modern dentistry. Discolored teeth are also often associated with signs of age and possibility of poor health.

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Size of Tooth

Many people are unsatisfied with the size of their teeth; some of them desire that they have larger teeth, while others desire the opposite ones.

Tooth size is a common complaint that people have, with regard to the appearance of their teeth. Thus, a few modifications may be necessary to achieve the desired aesthetics.

One of them is changing the relative size of the teeth, whilst in this case, by modifying the central incisors which should be larger than the lateral incisors and appear wider than the canines. Some orthodontists may suggest Porcelain Veneer as the foremost approach for enlarging teeth.

Shape of Tooth

In addition to size, the shape of the tooth also has a great influence on the appearance of a smile. Therefore, many people are concerned whether their teeth really appear in proportional shapes.

The proportional shape means that your tooth has a proportional in length and width, in which it is not too long for the width, neither too wide for the height and conversely.

It’s also possible that you do not really like the shape of your tooth because it’s too square, and expect it to look more rounded without square corners.

For this reason, dental procedures such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers, or else by removing material from your teeth can be great care when it comes to tooth reshaping, regardless of whatever the shape of your teeth.

Display of Gum

Your beautiful smile comes from your teeth, no doubt about it. But who frames your teeth? Yes, the gums are soft tissue that acts as a frame of your teeth.

When you are smiling, you also show your gums, and to achieve an aesthetic smile, you should show your gums not too much. Otherwise, your smile can look weird or even bad. By taking cosmetic dentistry, we can reshape your gums contour that perfectly fits your smile.

Arc of Smile

Most of the time, your lips perform a lot of work for creating a beautiful shape of a smile, but more than that, your charming smile is actually the result of your lips, gums, and teeth that work together to shape arc or curve of your smile.

The curve is defined as the area between the biting or chewing edge (incisal edge) and your gum line. These two lines shape an arc simultaneously, with the largest in the middle and the tapers, while both of the sides rise slightly.

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Cant is the term that dentistry uses to describe the tilt of a tooth. Your teeth have the potential to tilt forward or backward (inward or outward vertically).

If your tooth tilts slightly backward or forward, it has the potential to reduce your aesthetic smile and disrupts your appearance.

Another tooth problem that people complain about is the presence of rotated tooth. Luckily, some cosmetic dentistry procedures can overcome either canted or rotated tooth.


The array of teeth should appear orderly without any visible space between them. It means that there should be enough space for the teeth to their proper position, yet they should be touching each other.

In addition, your teeth should not look overcrowded. Hence, either overcrowded or spaces between teeth may result in your smile looks off, they also become common sense of cosmetic complaints.


Overbites are often problematic, however for modern human beings, they have developed a slight overbite for centuries, unlike primitive human beings. Overbites can look not good; even they can seriously affect how effectively your teeth are doing their jobs.

A slight overbite may look normal and natural for most people nowadays. However, when an individual has a different bite configuration, which means that the edge-on-edge bite is misaligned (the upper teeth extend forward and conversely – including underbite), it may look unattractive.

Dental Midline

Beauty also comes from a symmetry shape. Your brain certainly agrees when evaluating a symmetry face, it will look more attractive. The line of symmetry in the face runs between the eyes, throughout the bridge of the nose, and all the down to the chin.

Your smile, on the other hand, should be aligned with this symmetry line. Otherwise, if the midline of your teeth has a tendency to be off on one side, then your smile may look unattractive.

Buccal Corridor

When you smile, you are actually revealing your buccal corridor. So, what exactly is a buccal corridor? It is the visible space between your teeth and cheeks, on either side of the arc of your smile. The buccal corridor should look full of teeth ideally, yet still not overly crowded.

All the characteristics of the smile aesthetics have one thing in common, in which they can be evaluated objectively. Therefore, when people are dissatisfied with their smile, cosmetic dentistry can measure all these characteristics (size, shape, and proportion of teeth).

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Then compare them with a normal or ideal smile database to achieve a good idea of whether the best way to improve the aesthetic of individuals smile. So how about improving the attractiveness of your smile?

Dealing with Attractiveness

Based on the story you have read above, you certainly aware that we can measure the quality of smile aesthetics objectively, even construct a definitive statement about them (like lateral incisors canted 6 degrees outward etc.). However, this may not applicable for attractiveness.

The attractiveness, on the other hand, is more affected by personal opinions rather than objectively measured. So, it is a subjective quality that varies in value for each individual.

Everyone has their own definite standards, which may not be shared with others. You may disagree with your friend’s assessment of the attractiveness of someone’s smile, and you may not even agree with your cosmetic dentist in one circumstance.

Congruity between Attractiveness and Aesthetics

Either attractiveness or aesthetics, they actually are not identical. Unfortunately, they have a lot of overlap, which means that people sometimes talk about attractiveness, but in fact, they are talking about aesthetics.

When you visit your cosmetic dentist and throw a complaint about the appearance of your smile. The next thing is your doctor will evaluate what you are talking about in the first place, and then he/she will measure the aesthetic characteristics that are responsible for the infelicity of your smile.

The doctor then designs a treatment with a method of cosmetic dentistry to guarantee the improvement of your smile aesthetics in a standard value.

Final words:

When talking about aesthetics, it does not always mean making your smile attractive in your eyes, because creating attractiveness is a little more difficult job.

Therefore when carrying out the initial consultation, your cosmetic dentist will work hard to understand how you describe attractiveness and translating into measures of aesthetics.

Once your cosmetic dentist got the aesthetic values of your current smile and the smile that you crave, he/she design a treatment plan from cosmetic dentistry to achieve a smile that you will happy with and probably you will think is attractive as well.

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