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Are Crooked Teeth Genetic – the Fact About Hereditary

crooked teeth genetic

Have you been living your life with crooked teeth? I can imagine if you do. Having crooked teeth can be frustrating, embarrassing, and promotes negatively on one’s self esteem, especially if they’re children. Everyone with crooked teeth always imagines exhibiting their smile freely without having to hide their teeth, and surely that requires its own […]

How Many Teeth do Humans Have? – Either Adults or Kids

teeth do humans have

Teeth or sometimes called “Dentes” is one of the accessory organs that are part of the digestive system. They act for supporting digestive process which are located in the “Buccal Cavity” or more commonly known as oral cavity or merely the “Mouth”. The teeth are a chewing organ, also known as Mastication. Teeth have the […]

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Beautiful Smile

beautiful smile

Facial expression is the first thing people notice when they meet you for the first time. A pleasant facial expression will be reflected when you present a beautiful smile in front of many people, a smile can also describe your happiness in seeing others. However, many people accidentally hide their smiles, which of course occur […]

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