How to Choose the Best Color for Your Braces

colors for braces

Braces have become part of your appearance today, like it or not, they work hard for aligning your crooked teeth, so you will have straight teeth as part of either aesthetics or dental health. The use of braces just as much a part of what you wear every day, they’re just like the clothes you […]

Are Crooked Teeth Genetic – the Fact About Hereditary

crooked teeth genetic

Have you been living your life with crooked teeth? I can imagine if you do. Having crooked teeth can be frustrating, embarrassing, and promotes negatively on one’s self esteem, especially if they’re children. Everyone with crooked teeth always imagines exhibiting their smile freely without having to hide their teeth, and surely that requires its own […]

How to Stop Braces Pain – Helpful Tips to Ease the Pain

how stop braces pain

When people think of taking a course of dental braces treatment, the first thing that may come to their mind is whether a person’s teeth will end up being straight after a certain period of time. Braces are a long-term investment as you cannot expect your teeth to be straightened overnight. If you visit a […]

How Many Teeth do Humans Have? – Either Adults or Kids

teeth do humans have

Teeth or sometimes called “Dentes” is one of the accessory organs that are part of the digestive system. They act for supporting digestive process which are located in the “Buccal Cavity” or more commonly known as oral cavity or merely the “Mouth”. The teeth are a chewing organ, also known as Mastication. Teeth have the […]

Power Chain for Dental Braces – Closing the Gaps between Your Teeth

power chain braces

Braces are designed from many interconnected parts, resulting in the significant force necessary for correcting teeth in their proper position. Nowadays, many experts are always innovating in creating the latest models for improving the efficiency of braces. One essential part of one set of braces is the ligatures. The ligature is simply a small rubber […]

Self Ligating Braces vs Traditional Braces – Which one is More Convenient?

self ligating braces

In many cases, most dental problems require orthodontic treatment that fundamentally involves specific orthodontic appliances to obtain the intended result. Dental problems such as crooked teeth, teeth do not fit the jaw, misaligned teeth, overbites, and underbites are being faced by millions around the world these days. Orthodontic appliances such as braces are gaining popularity […]

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